SAAS Metrics

This morning I came across an excellent blog post by Ali Rahimtula, a partner at Cue Ball Capital. The importance for entrepreneurs to get a grip on these KPIs can hardly be overstated. Read Ali’s piece in conjunction with this post from Mike Chalfen of Mosaic Ventures, who rightly stresses that entrepreneurs who excel in sales and marketing KPIs should invest equal effort in metricising product performance to understand whether they really create long-term value. Google’s HEART Metrics are a useful framework to get you started. At Digital Science we take this very serious, while appreciating that doing this well is tough and does consume time. Believe me, though, that you will be eternally grateful to have your KPIs nailed when pitching for the next funding round. However much you loathe it, in the light of the risks investors take and the information assymetry they suffer when facing an entrepreneur, investors will always draw great comfort from a rich set of KPIs.

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